Cracking Camera Apps

You probably use your iPhone's camera for capturing the odd snap of your mates in the pub. But you probably don't realise how powerful a tool it is for creative photography.

You see, what a fancier camera does through complex lenses, the iPhone can do with specialised photography apps. You probably know about Instagram and Hipstamatic, two apps which let you apply all sorts of cool retro filters to your pictures to make them look, well, retro and cool.

But what if you want tricksier tricks? Then you'll need dedicated apps. Like TrueHDR. HDR photography is a technique which solves the old problem of photos with big variations in light and dark. Typically, you have to choose between having a whited-out sky, for example, and a nice ground, or a nice sky and dark ground. HDR works by taking multiple pictures at different exposures, and combining them to produce a synthetic image that's actually much closer to the image our eyes see.

iPhone 4 includes HDR, but Apple's version of it doesn't work all that well. TrueHDR, on the other hand, works great, according to The Next Web. They say TrueHDR 'produced a much nicer image than the regular iOS HDR feature.'

But what about the focus and framing of your picture? One of posh photographers' favourite tricks is to make everything apart from the main object in the picture out-of-focus, by using aperture to reduce the picture's 'depth of field'. The iPhone's camera isn't capable of such things, but an app called SynthCam does a pretty good job of aping the effect through software magic.

What tools do you use to spice up your iPhone photographs? What about you, Android users?

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