Cover me

We've told you about the iPad 2, we've told you about the new software that's out for it, and we've told you about the man doing the announcement - Steve Jobs, to everyone's surprise. There's just one thing left to tell you about - the case.

Now, we wouldn't normally even bother telling you about the case, but this one really is pretty nifty. It's not really a case at all, but a cover, Apple having sensibly reasoned that the glass front of the iPad 2 needs more looking after than the alumnium back. The 'Smart Cover', which comes in a bunch of nifty colours, is made of reinforced fabric which can either sit over the screen - held in place by magnets! - or be folded back while the iPad's in use.

And it's that folding back that's really clever. Because the Smart Cover folds into a triangle which can be used to prop the iPad up for easy viewing. This predictably lushly-shot Apple video gives you the idea.

Now, look. This is a £40-odd piece of fabric, and it won't be everyone's cup of tea. But you've got to admit that's some pretty clever design right there.

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