Could this be the touchscreen iMac?

The iPad and the iPhone rule the world, and there's probably new iPods on the way soon. But what about the Mac? Apart from some improved screens and that nifty Magic Trackpad, Apple's flagship product has been looking a little neglected for a while.

The Trackpad helps explain why. Apple's juices right now are got flowing by developing multi-touch, the ultra-sophisticated multi-finger version of touchscreen that powers the iPhone and iPad. The Magic Trackpad, like the Magic Mouse before it, is designed to bring multi-touch control to the desktop PC.

But it looks like Apple might be planning to go much further.... A recent patent application reveals detailed plans for a fully touch-screen Mac. To make it easy to work the touchscreen without exhausting your arms, the screen slides down to lie horizontally over the table.

No-one's sure if this'll ever get made, or if Apple are just trying to prevent competitors doing it. But one thing seems certain, Apple'll find a way to work touch into the Mac somehow, at some point.

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