How to take corporate communication to the next level

Professionalism is at the heart of all business. Even the firms like Google and Facebook that encourage their employees to relax and play during the working day to make them more creative strive for professionalism at all time. Professionalism leads to profitability simply because it’s expected in the business world. How a firm presents itself before the directors get chance to shake hands with their counterparts often determines whether they get through the door or not. Your website and how you interact on social media is one sign of a firm’s competence but nothing presents the business better than a well-made business card or a beautifully presented sales brochure.

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Office based printers are very good nowadays and the best grades of paper are very affordable, particularly if you buy in bulk, but you shouldn’t leave something as important as the company’s image to your admin team and the colour printer that normally knocks out invoices and statements. You will only get the very best quality for your business cards and fliers if you take your project to professional printers. A business set up to produce high-quality paperwork for your business will have higher standards than workers rushing to meet a deadline, so whether you’re producing literature for a convention or to hand out to clients visiting your office, outsource the job.

Graphic designer

Everything from the layout of the piece to the colours used and the text will be better if a paid graphic designer is employed to work on the piece before you send it out to a printer. Even the type set used to put your words on the page has an impact on the image you’re firm’s presenting. If you want your flyers to inspire, inform, and captivate consumers, tell the graphic designers the effect you’re looking for and leave them to come up with a series of concepts that meet your specifications. Even something as informative as a corporate report can be presented in an eye-catching way so if you’re looking for investors, a graphic designer can present the financial information in the most attractive way.

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Professional printers

With a well-designed piece of work to hand a professional printer can do the rest. The equipment they utilise plays a major part in the high-quality output you can expect. Modern printers have automatic control systems that regulate the amount of ink applied to a page to make sure it’s consistent across the paper. The colour printer in your office probably doesn’t do that. The quality control isn’t left up to the machines though because an internal quality management team review the work to make sure every page is top of the line.

What’s the cost?

Professionals are normally expensive, right? When you think about lawyers, accountants or civil engineers, you picture a group of well-paid professional that earn a lot of money. They have hourly rates that are eye-watering but professional printers don’t come at such a high cost. It’s not possible to put a price on a job because each firm prices differently but a modern printing firm will do things like combining multiple print jobs on one sheet to minimise wastage and save paper, and then pass those cost savings onto the customer.

Sustainability and shipping

Modern printing firms are in tune with the way business is today. That means they care as much about sustainability as you do. You can often opt for carbon-neutral printing and a lot of firms make sure that their shipping is always carbon neutral. You’ll find that the shipping charges are very familiar if you’re used to buying items from Amazon or a similar site because you can expect free postage on large orders with the option of a faster delivery for a small fee.


Let’s consider the sort of image you’d like to present at an exhibition when you’re competitors are in your eye line. If a trade exhibit is supposed to generate sales, you need to steer clients towards you with impressive graphics printed in an eye-catching way. These don’t have to be printed on cardboard as aluminium composite boards, flexible foam boards, corrugated plastic sheets and acrylic glass sheets can be used to convey your message to potential clients.


Whether you want to make your staff proud of where they work or have something professional and practical to give away at a trade fair like The Great British Business Show in London, a pen or mug or something similar that’s in tune with your brand values, can be created with a printing company. Whether you’re considering a brand launch or thinking about spreading the word about your venerable company, having something clients can take home that carries your brand and your brand values, is always a good idea.

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