Now that we’re in the futuristic sounding year of 2010 we’re only five years away from everyone having a hoverboard a la Marty McFly in Back To The Future II. Although this sounds hugely and sadly unrealistic, the reality of us all having 3D tellies in our homes has now become possible courtesy of Samsung.

Thanks to the revolutionary techniques used by James Cameron in his massive 3D flick 'Avatar,' the idea of bringing 2D images to life at home has caused so much demand so Samsung has launched their own brand new goggle box: the Samsung LED 9000 3D TV.

Unfortunately those tacky and unflattering 3D glasses will still be needed to see the effects, but with SKY about to launch a dedicated 3D channel and Sony filming all FIFA World Cup matches in 3D it looks like the future has finally arrived. Let's hope smelly vision is only a whiff away.

The Samsung LED 9000 3D TV will be in shops this summer. Price TBC.

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