Consoles to drop in price?

More good news for all you gamers out there; we could have some considerable price drops for hardware. American video games store Gamestop has predicted that they will have to drop their prices if they want to make their sales projections. Could this trend make its way over here?

'It’s hard to tell if we actually need a price cut on the Wii to get to our numbers,' said Daniel Dematteo, CEO of Gamestop. 'There are some price cuts built into that assumption, but not until the third quarter.

'Also, if you think about it, these hardware prices have stayed up longer in this cycle than in any other time before, and in a very dire economic environment, those two things seem to be mutually exclusive… Put all those things together, I think that there will have to be price cuts in order to get the hardware moving to where it needs to be.' Fingers crossed, eh?

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