The best console for kids

Which console for the kids? This is a question many parents have had to ask themselves but don't really know the answer. There are three market leaders and each is very different to the other.

Motion control has taken off in a huge way since the launch of the Wii. This used to make this the obvious choice for kids but since the release of the Move and Kinect the Playstation and Xbox are fighting back.

Originally the Playsation was more of a console for people that love the single player experience. Over time they have managed to get a better working online system and some better online games. As far as motion control goes the Move is like the Playstation equivalent of the Wiimote. Playstation have had some great kids characters and games so this is always going to be a good option. Plus, the parents get a Bluray player!

The Xbox 360 offers the most as far as online goes. Their system is still number one but how much online gaming do you want your kids doing? Probably not too much! Xbox doesn't really have any famous kids characters either but they have never tried to get into this market, that is, until now. The Kinect is Microsofts offering as far as motion controllers go. It is selling insane amounts and seems to be popular with both the kids and adults. Is there enough games to keep kids entertained though?

Last but not least the Nintendo Wii. This is easily the most child friendly console. With characters like Mario, Link, Fox McCloud, Kirby, Donkey Kong and so on, Nintendo are really the face of kids gaming. They have a friendly, safe online environment and lot's of really fun games for kids.

It all depends on what type of kids we're talking about. If they are very young then Wii all the way. But, if they are growing up then games like Halo or Jack an Daxter might be more up their street.

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