Do you use Gmail? Then, congratulations! You just won a lawsuit against Google!

You didn't know? Well, it's you and several hundred millions of others. You see, in the USA they have this wacky thing called 'class actions,' which lets one person sue a company on behalf of everyone affected by the company's alleged wrongdoing. In this case, a US Gmail user sued Google for violating their privacy when Google Buzz was launched earlier this year - and won 'class status' representing all other Gmail users, worldwide.

The problem, you might recall, was that Google auto-activated Buzz with people being 'followed' by people they emailed often; but it turned out people didn't want their boss, plumber or kids' head-teacher reading their Buzzes. People were really angry.

But now, it's all better! Google has agreed to $8.5 million to settle the suit. So where's your cheque? Ah, well, there's the rub. There are so many Gmail users that it'd be ridiculous to actually try to split it all up. So it's being donated to internet privacy organisations instead. Boo!

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