Comunio Cheats: best players and tips

For those who haven’t played it, Comunio is a football manager sim based on the real-life Series A. It’s very similar to soccermanager.com in that it’s a browser based management sim that’s played between friends. A lot of the matches are against human opponents, so cheating the system could detract from the game. Unfortunately, when players become emotionally attached to the game, they will always look for Comunio cheats.


There’s nothing to stop you using the following cheats, but they may actually detract from your enjoyment the game. Results on management sims can be a bit random at times with lower ranked sides beating better teams for no apparent reason, but on other occasions, the choices you make when selecting your team, picking a formation and a style of play can make the difference. That’s what causes the satisfaction when the results come in.


If you’re still reading, you’ve decided that you want to know how to better the opposition with a cheat. There are several available for the game, some give you additional spending money for the transfer market, others give you superstar footballers. As a final warning, please note that once you’ve enacted these cheat codes, you can’t go back. You would have to delete your logon and start over.

Adding Arjen Robben

Holding CTRL and then typing ROB 2012 adds Arjen Robben to your team.

Add £10million

Holding CTRL and then typing 10 MIL followed by your team’s name will boost your bank balance by £10million.

Other Comunio cheats

Holding CTRL and then typing STORM gives you 5 strikers. Holding CTRL and then inputting VOLLGAS means that each of your players collect points. CTRL plus Alt and Delete at the same time gives you a T-shirt with the inscription “Comunio God” written across the chest.

Final word

There are rumours on the net that some Comunio leagues have been dissolved because for cheating, so you could be running the risk of losing all the hardwork you have put into the game. But, as Comunio cheats are out there, you may need to use them to level the playing field.

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