All you need to know about computers for kids

There are plenty of places where you can buy computers for kids. There are laptops available on the market which can be bought from just £20. Although they haven't got the same capabilities as a desktop computer or a laptop, they have everything that a kid could need to enjoy themselves.

Kid's laptops generally come preloaded with fun, educational software that is specially designed to help the child learn to use the computer without any help. These games tend to focus on reading, simple maths, language and musical activities.

There are laptops available for kids of all ages. Some can be brightly coloured and branded with famous cartoon characters whilst others can look very similar to a "real" laptop. At the high end of the children?s technology market you can buy proper laptops that run on a full windows operating system but are smaller and more robust than an adult laptop. They come preloaded with National Curriculum related software and games but will cost around the £200 mark.

The new Fizzbook Spin 10.1 is an innovative laptop computer designed specifically for the classroom and builds upon the success of the previous fizzbook models with a larger format 10.1 inch and a host of new features to keep your child entertained for years.

Including Windows 7 starter, 1GB of memory, graphics card and an Intel processor, you can be assured that this laptop is close to the real thing. For more information on this computer you can visit thefizzbook.co.uk or you can purchase it at a range of stores including Argos, Amazon and BT.

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