A quick guide to computer worm programs

Many people interchange the terms virus, Trojan and computer worm. However, there is a big difference between the three. While a worm is considered as a virus, a virus is not necessarily a worm. The difference lies in how they are replicated and spread. A Trojan falls under the category of spyware. While there is a big difference between the three, removal techniques are almost the same.

Detection and removal

Viruses, worms, and Trojans can be removed in different ways. The most popular detection and removal method is through the use of trusted and effective antivirus software. Nonetheless, these annoying and unwanted programs can be removed through manual methods. This is often the case when the malicious program is recent and cannot be removed by the antivirus software.

Differences among the programs

A virus is a program that depends on human action for replication and propagation. However, the replication process is stealthy and usually never detected by the user. The program replicates itself when it is run on a computer.

A computer worm is more complicated because it can spread through to other files and even to computers connected to a network without any human intervention. It easily replicates and propagates when certain applications are running. Many kinds of worms usually target email management software. As soon as the software is open, the worm sends itself to email contacts without the authority of the user.

A Trojan is named after the mythical wooden horse designed to infiltrate the Trojan city and its impenetrable walls. A computer can be infected when the user enters a website infected with the Trojan. The spyware may also spread through emails and file transfers.

Removal methods

The easiest method to remove a worm is through automatic virus detection and removal programs. Effective antivirus programs such as Norton, Kaspersky, and ESET NOD32 can protect your computer from these malicious programs as long as they are updated on a regular basis. Nonetheless, you can find guides that teach manual removal techniques for specific worms that are hard to remove.

Final words

A computer worm can be detected and removed instantly as long as you use up-to-date antivirus software. Make sure to visit trusted sites as well. Porn sites are notorious for worms and viruses. Hence, make sure to protect your computer from these malicious programs before visiting suspicious sites or importing files from external sources.

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