Computer printer - How to save paper in 3 ways

You can use the methods described here to save paper regardless of the computer printer model you use. Save printing paper in 3 ways:

  1. Print on both sides
  2. Print multiple pages on one page
  3. Scale the printing to fit the page

Print on both sides

Some printer models allow for automatic duplexing. Regardless, all printers let you print on both sides of the paper manually. Check the printer settings if you can choose to print only odd and even pages. You need to have the latest driver installed for this. If this option is not supported, you can key in the page numbers yourself, manually.

After the first printing, be sure to restack the papers in reverse order and then print again (this time on the other page).

Print multiple pages on one page

You can print more than one page on an A4 sized printing paper. Check your computer printer settings for this. If you can't find it, download a free printing utility from the web that allows multiple page printing to a single page.

Obviously, the more pages you fit into a single page, the smaller the text. Whether you are comfortable with this or not depends on how you are going to use the document.

Scale the printing to fit the page

Have you come across incidences where the webpage can fit into an A4 sized page shy of a few sentences? You can in fact, scale the text of the webpage to the percentage that fits it into one printing page.

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