Where to start your search for Computer Desks

You have just got yourself a new desktop computer and are in the process of looking up suitable computer desks for your new machine. Where do you start? The best place to get yourself a high quality desk at an affordable price is at IKEA.

IKEA is the world's largest furniture retailer that specialise in ready to assemble furniture. The Swedish empire have superstores all over the world and there is one close to you.

The Goliat computer table is currently one of their best-selling computer tables. This oak finished desk features a pull-out shelf for easy access to the keyboard and the mouse. This desk will hold a monitor up to the size of 17". This desk can be yours for just £44.99 at any IKEA superstore now. It comes packed in just one box and weighs 27KG. For more information on this desk, simply visit IKEA.com/gb

Another excellent place to buy flat-packed furniture that you need to assemble yourself is Argos. Argos have a large range of computers and accessories including desks and corner units. The Napoli pine effect desk is a gorgeous piece of furniture belonging to the large Napoli range. The desk features plastic handles and one non-locking drawer. There is also a fixed shelf and the desk is suitable for monitors weighing 20KG or less. This self-assembled computer desk is flat packed in one 20KG box. This desk can be yours by visiting argos.co.uk and using their unique catalogue number 617/2310.


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