We compare mobile telephone charges for the leading providers

While the best offers from mobile phone providers are undoubtedly available to monthly bill pay customers, things are starting to improve quite a bit for pay as you go customers these days. For years, anyone who opted for the pay as you go option was penalised when it came to rates and features available, but things have finally started to turn around of late which is great news for many of you out there.

However choosing the correct pay as you go plan is not an easy task thanks to the increased competitiveness of the seven major mobile service providers in the United Kingdom, which is precisely why we've decided to compare mobile telephone charges for pay as you go customers.

Just like with pay monthly customers, the kind of plan you need on your pay as you go phone will very much depend on the kind of phone you have and what you intend on using it for. If you have a swanky new smartphone, then a data plan is going to be very important, whereas those of you who simply want to use your phone for calls and texts will need to select the network with the best voice and text rates available.

For our money, the best plan available right now is the 3 All in One Add-On, which gives you 300 minutes of talk time, 3000 texts and as much data as you need for just £15 per month. The closest competitor to this deal is on offer with Vodafone's Simply package, which gives you 300 texts and 500MB of data for just £10 per month, with calls costing 21p per minute.

The cheapest outright charge for calls comes from Orange's Dolphin package, at just 20p per minute. For a £10 top up each month you'll also get 300 free texts and 100MB of internet into the bargain.

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