Compare printers: the range of types on the market

Toner-based printers

In order to compare printers and decide on their relative advantages and disadvantages, it is important to understand how each one works. A laser printer is a toner-based type that has the advantage of producing good quality prints rapidly. They function by scanning the document with a laser beam, or alternatively through a series of LEDS.

Liquid inkjet printers

This is the most common type of printer available and the one most general consumers use at home. However, while they produce good quality results from images of 200-300ppi resolution, for images of 140-200ppi the results are not so good. In addition, because the ink can be absorbed by the paper, documents printed with this type of model are more difficult to alter compared with toner-based models.

Solid ink printers

These models, generally used as colour office printers, can produce excellent results every time -- regardless of the resolution of the image. However, on the downside they are high consumers of energy and the printed documents can often be difficult to write on because of the wax-like material that is used during the printing process.

Dye-sublimation printers

This type of printer is generally used to transfer images to either plastic card or canvas. They employ a heat-transference method and are ideal for producing high-quality colour photography copies. The disadvantage of this model is that they are not well suited for copying text.

Inkless printers

There are basically two different types of inkless printer: thermal and UV. The thermal type is generally reserved for applications such as cash register or ATM receipts. The UV type has the advantage of using special reusable paper. However, this type of machine is still in the development stage and the images produced are liable to fade over time.


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