Compare Prices of the Nintendo Wii

Selecting your Wii Model

Before you compare prices of Nintendo Wiis you first need to work out which colour and accessories you want to buy to take your Wii from a console to an all-round family entertainment hub.

Visit the official Nintendo website to read about the specifications of the Nintendo Wii consoles. Furthermore, you need to decide whether you want a Wii in either white or black.

You should make sure that you have the right cables so that you can set up your Nintendo Wii straight away.

Online Price Comparison

Perform an online price comparison to help you compare prices of Nintendo Wiis, using websites such as Kelkoo.co.uk, Pricerunner.co.uk or Moneysupermarket.com/shopping.

Enter the colour of console that you want to search for as well as "Nintendo Wii" before looking through the results that are generated by your search.

Commonly, you can rank your results in ascending price order, so the lowest price is at the top of the page.

As of September 2011, the cheapest black Nintendo Wii on Kelkoo is available for £75, while the cheapest white Nintendo Wii on Price Runner costs £89.

High Street Price Comparison

You can also search for either black or white Nintendo Wiis, Wii games and accessories on the United Kingdom high street.

You can look at Wii consoles in stores such as Game, Tesco and Argos. Visit each store and note down the prices so you can quickly work out which price is cheapest.

Furthermore, you should compare the prices you find in the high street to the prices that you can find online.


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