Compare cheap notebooks Ireland

Notebooks are perfect for internet browsing, checking emails and basic word processing. They have two main benefits over standard laptops: firstly, they are more portable - perfect if you are travelling or like to keep your computer in your bag. Secondly, they tend to be significantly cheaper. To make sure you get the best deal, we compare cheap notebooks in Ireland.

Asus Eee PC 900 Linux Netboook: Eee PC have a reputation as an outstanding starter laptop for young people - but it's so much more than that. The slick, light weight design makes it perfect for anyone looking for a cheap, reliable and portable netbook.

Acer Aspire One Netbook: The Acer Aspire One is incredible value. It's reliable, portable and extremely functional. It features an 8.9 inch screen, an Intel GMA 950 graphics processor and 1GB of memory.

Toshiba AC100-10U Netbook: This Anroid-powered netbook features a 10.9 inch TruBrite display, making for a pleasant browsing experience. It comes with an integrated 1.3 megapixels web camera with a built-in microphone and multi card reader.

Packard Bell DOTS Netbook: This little Packard Bell offers all the features of other netbooks in the price range, but differentiates itself with a range of neat accessories and a stylish keyboard. The package includes a slipcase, sync kit and versatile power plug.

Samsung N130 Netbook: The N130 is a decent network from a reliable brand. It features an Intel Atom N270 processor, a 10.1 inch screen and good battery life. At just 1.3kg, it's lightweight and portable - just what you need in a netbook.

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