Coming to a stadium rock concert near you

Imagine if you had a 37-inch TV. That'd be pretty cool, right? You could watch films or sport - not to mention playing games - in HD and feel totally immersed.

Now imagine if you had four 37-inch TVs stacked to make a giant screen.

That's the thrilling-and-slightly-terrifying future conjured up by the latest LCD TVs from South Korea's LG. Their new model isn't the biggest LCD TV yet produced by any means, but it does have the thinnest bezel (the plastic frame around the screen) - just 2.5mm at its thickest point. That means you can stack 'em up as far as you like and still have a clear, uninterrupted image spread across all the screens. It's not too hard to imagine whole buildings covered with these things. Blade Runner, here we come...

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