Great deals at Comet on refurbished laptops

So you're in desperate need of a new laptop but try as you might you just can't get the money together to enable you to afford to buy a new one at today's prices. Don't worry about it, you're not out of options just yet - you've got the refurbished market to fall back on.

Despite the fact that refurbished laptops represent huge savings at a relatively low risk, there are a surprisingly large amount of people who have absolutely no experience or understanding of them.

The most common opinion we come across when the topic of refurbished laptops is raised is people who think that they're buying a broken product. If this is your main concern, then we're here to clear things up.

Due to the nature of computers, their functionality requires a large number of components to perform correctly for their proper operation. With so many different things that can go wrong, occasionally one of the components has an issue. It needn't even be a particularly bad one, just some kind of problem that results in the laptop not passing vigorous quality control standards.

When this happens, the laptop, instead of being destroyed or stripped down to its component parts, is sent for refurbishment. What this entails is the replacement of the part that is causing the trouble. Once that has been replaced the laptop is tested again and, assuming it passes all quality control tests, marked fit for sale as a refurbished item.

This is where you come in. You, being the keen eyed shopper that you are, spot the product at a marked down price Comet with the refurbished laptops, take a look at the specs, decide that it's a great deal and buy the laptop with a reduced warranty to reflect the fact that it's a refurbished unit.

Everyone wins!

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