We check Comet for Epson printers

These days it's possible to pick up a printer for well under a hundred pounds, which is a far cry from even ten years ago where a decent quality printer would easily cost you as much as your desktop computer. Fortunately, things have changed dramatically and there are some phenomenal bargains available out there.

One of the best things about these price drops is that you don't need to compromise in terms of the quality of the brand name you're buying. In the past a cheap printer would undoubtedly have meant an unreliable, no name piece of rubbish liable to break down at any time. However these days Comet have Epson Stylus printers, as well as many of the other main brands at prices that are simply unbelievable.

The pick of the bunch for us is the Epson ES S22 Inkjet Printer, which manages 28 pages per minute in black and 15 pages per minute in full colour. It may not have the swanky bells and whistles that some people expect from a modern printer, but it does absolutely everything that it needs to; it prints quickly, and it prints well. You can pick it up from Comet.co.uk for just £22.99 right now.

If you're looking to spend a little bit extra, you could take a look at the Epson Stylus B1100 Large Format Photoprinter which is available at Comet.co.uk for £169.99 - a saving of £34.26. This inkjet printer manages 30 pages per minute in black and 17 pages per minute in full colour, and can print up to A3 sized sheets.

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