Come and Play

Well, here's some good news. If you're one of the army of people - well, 14-year-old boys - giddy with excitement at the thought of the oncoming PlayStation Phone, a.k.a. the Xperia Play, you've probably been eager to know when it'd be on sale in the UK. Not to mention which network you'd have to boot yourself over to to get it.

Well, here's the goss - and it's all good news. You'll be able to get your grubbies on it in April. And - here's the really good news - there'll be no need to change network. Well, unless you're on something weird like Tesco Mobile. It seems Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2 and Three (whew!) have all said they'll be carrying the dream-phone-cum-gaming-thingy.

So what are you waiting for? Well, you're waiting for April, of course. Yes. Well. See you in the queue. In April.

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