Colour us excited

Of all the Red Dead Redemption trailers we’ve shown you after the last few months, this latest one has to be the one that excites us the most. The story and characters we’re sure will be full of the usual Rockstar wit and satire, as well as smutty jokes about seminal fluid, but their record with multiplayer is pretty poor, truth be told. For GTA4 it was mildly diverting but didn’t really grab the attention the way an open world multiplayer should.

However, if this latest trailer is anything to go by that could be about to Rockstar, as the multiplayer option for the wild west crime-‘em-up looks to be fantastically varied and engaging. For a start you can use the whole game world to just roam about, waiting for other posses to come and get you, go hunting and all sorts, as well as setting up more traditional deathmatch scenarios and what have you. Take a look, it’s made us all giddy.

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