All About Colour Label Printers

Label printers are specialised printers that use self-adhesive label material to create perfect labels and tags. Label printers differ from regular paper printers due to the fact that they require a special feed mechanism in order to use rolled or tear sheet stock.  Commonly used in supply chain management, label printers can also be used for retail price marking, blood and laboratory specimen marking, fixed assets management and packaging labels.

Colour Label Printers

Not to be confused with label markers, which are generally portable and have keyboards attached, colour label printers allow for labels to be printed in full colour with greater dpi resolution options and quicker speeds.

P110i Standard

The P110i Standard was manufactured by Zebra Technologies Corporation and is part of the company's I series.  Recommended for card printing, the P110i has a standard memory of 8MB and has a maximum printing resolution of 300 dpi.  Maximum print speed is rated at 30 seconds and the P110i is also capable of color dye sublimation and monochrome thermal transfer printing.  An ethernet enabled model is also available, but for the standard printer, visit http://www.lambda-tek.com/componentshop/index.pl?prodID=B275912viewSpec=y#productTop.

Primera 74262

The Primera 74262 is manufactuered by Primera Technology and is slightly more expensive than the P110i Standard, coming it at around £1000.  An inkjet printer specifically recommended for label printing, the Primera 74262 is capable of printing at a maximum resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi.  Part of the LX series, the 74262 can be found at http://www.lambda-tek.com/componentshop/index.pl?prodID=B553335viewSpec=y#productTop.

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