Collins include Meh in latest dictionary

Purists won't be impressed, but the word "meh" has been included in the latest version of the Collins English Dictionary. The popular interjection beat rivals such as "frenemy", "huggles" and "jargonaut" following a competition to include popular new expressions in the latest tome.

According to the Register, "meh" came out on top in Collins "Word of Mouth" campaign due to its use in speech but more importantly on the internet. The popular dictionary is set to define the word as "an interjection to suggest indifference or boredom - or as an adjective to say something is mediocre or a person is unimpressed".

The rise of "meh" is just another indication of how the expressions used in internet chat rooms and emails have influenced how we speak. While the trend may raise eyebrows in some quarters there really is only one appropriate reply: meh.

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