We review the CnM 8 Inch Digital Photo Frame

While digital cameras have certainly provided us with an affordable alternative to traditional film based cameras, removing the expense of film and pricey printing of photographs, they have left us with a couple of new problems.

Firstly, it's still expensive to print out your photographs - even more so in some cases than it costs for traditional film development. The cost of ink for consumer printers is still prohibitively high for anyone planning on printing more than a few photos per week, and the alternative of getting them printed professionally is even more expensive.

Secondly, if you decide not to bother with printing, you find yourself restricted in your ability to show off your masterpieces. Even if it's just a nice shot of your kids, wouldn't it be nice to be able to display it in a frame on your office desk without having to pay ridiculous amounts for printing costs?

Well, if this sounds like a conundrum you've found yourself contemplating in the past, we think we've found the ideal solution for you. Digital photo frames are nothing new, but they tend to look and feel quite cheap; lacking that certain charm you find from the real thing.

CnMhave done a great job with their CnM 8 Inch Digital Photo Frame, both in aesthetics and ease of use. Displaying your photos couldn't be easier, simply copy the files you desire onto an SD memory card or a USB memory stick, pop it into the frame and select which you'd like to display.

Your pictures can show either individually, or as a slideshow which you can set the parameters for the display duration of each image. The interface is extremely straightforward, and should present no problem to even the biggest technophobes.

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