Cloud computing - Google cloud services

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing consists of a network of hundreds of thousands of servers where copies of the world wide web are stored. This speeds up search so that billions of queries are answered in a fraction of a second. Each individual piece is replaceable by a Google engineer when it dies.

What are Google cloud services?

Do you know that Google has over 30 services that use the technology of cloud computing. Most of these are free; known as SaaS or software as a free service.

Google for search

  • Search engine
  • Maps
  • Translate
  • Trends
  • Insights

Google for sellers

  • CheckOut
  • Offers

Google for webmasters

  • Analytics
  • Webmaster tools
  • Website optimiser

Google for advertisers

  • AdWords

Google for publishers

  • AdSense
  • Blogger
  • Sites

Google for sharing

  • Profile
  • +1
  • YouTube
  • Gmail, calendars
  • Picasa web albums

Other Google services

  • Docs
  • Apps
  • Cloud Print
  • Cloud Connect
  • iGoogle
  • Public DNS
  • Transliterate
  • News
  • Chrome OS

Whether you understand how cloud computing works or not, you are probably already using many of these free services from Google and will continue to do so.

How Google Cloud print works

This feature currently works with Google Chrome OS computers, Gmail and Google Docs for mobile. Sign in to your Google account and connect your printer to it. Both classic and cloud ready printers (like HP eprint) are supported. The beauty is that you can print through this printer from anywhere, as long as the printer is turned on. If it is not to print immediately, the printing jobs will be put on queue.

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