Clothe your iPad in a bit of history

Well, this is weird. We've shown you some strange iPad cases here at Digitaledge over the years months since Apple's tablet was introduced, with the Etch-a-Sketch case being a dubious favourite. But this might be our favourite ever. An entrepreneurial American, Frederick James, is selling iPad cases made from Bernie Madoff's clothes.

That's right. Not modelled after Bernie Madoff's clothes. Made from his actual clothes.

Madoff, if you don't remember, was the nasty piece of work who defrauded thousands of people out of their life savings in a giant ponzi scheme that was exposed at the height of the financial crisis. He's now serving a roughly million-year sentence in prison, and last November the US Marshals sold off many of his belongings to raise money for compensation for his victims. James bought some and, knowing a trend when he saw one, turned them into iPad cases.

And pretty stylish they are too, with excellent fabric (as you'd expect from a millionaire) and the original buttons. We reckon they'd make a most stylish home for your iPad.

We assume they've been washed.

Of course, they're not cheap. But at $250, they're not as comedically expensive as you might expect. Interested? Hit up the Frederick James website and have a browse.

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