Clock Radio Alarms for your iPod

There is no doubt that Apple's iPod has revolutised the world. everything from the music industry to videogames have felt the effect of the little handheld devices but now even the lowly clock radio is being replaced by the clock radio ipod dock.

To say that life would be a little more difficult without my iPod is an understatement, it keeps me entertained during the day, manages my bank accounts and finds me a decent restraunt. It also wakes me up in the morning using the Sony clock radio stand that sits on my bedside table.

Every night i just place my iPod into the stand before I go to bed safe in the knowledge that the next morning I will be woken up by my local radio station and my iPod will be fully charged.

Sony are not the only company that make clock radio stands for the ipod. Bose, Phillips and even Gear4 all have their own versions.

The designs range from practical classical looks to ultra modern. Most important however for me and probably for you too is the speaker quality. Be sure to test your clock radio stand before you take it home by placing your iPod in it and hitting play.

They are simple devices like their predecessors but like most simple devices it is hard to imagine life without them once you get one. With a little tweaking you can configure your clock radio stand to play different music on waking or to turn on the radio.


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