Climate change tax ahead, where to get info online

Dominating today's headlines is the climate change report that's sending the government into a spin over where and how to increase green tax. Currently being discussed are further taxes on flights and gas guzzling cars. The report by Sir Nicholas Stern urges immediate action in the form of tackling carbon emissions. So where can you go for more details?

The web is full of crucial information on the topic of climate change, with many content providers offering their latest news via RSS, so you can add what interests you straight to your MIX page. A good starting point is Defra's website, a great resource for information on the issues affecting climate in the UK and the RSS feed from Climate Prediction can be added to your personalised homepage for updates on the latest news. ClimateWire.org also has one of the best news services on climate issues, again provided with an RSS feed for use on your MIX.

A font of information is provided by New Scientist, which also features a handy page where you can choose RSS feeds to put on your MIX from a list of their hot topics. Get the feed for climate change below.

And if you want the latest from Number 10? Get the Number 10 news via RSS now too!


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