Clever Robot

Over the years Google's Android mobile operating system has closed the gap with Apple's iOS in many areas. It's got prettier, easier to use and more supported with apps. But there's always been a few areas which let it down, and one notable one is its app store, the Android Market.

Traditionally, the Android market has always been something of a mess. In addition to slowly improving the on-device version of the Market, Google recently added a web version, letting you browse apps on your PC and with a click send them to your phone or tablet. But there's always been a problem - unlike the on-phone Market, the web Market didn't tell you whether the app you were about to buy would actually work with your device. I mean, you know, duh.

Well, be upsmiling, Android fans. Google has come through for you. After a nifty update last week, the Android web store automatically shows you which of the Android devices tied to your Google account will work with the particular apps you're lusting after. That's security and possible money-savings, right there. Not bad, eh?

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