Basic Clash of Clans cheats, tips and hacks you should know

Clash of Clans is an extremely popular combat strategy mobile game available on both iOS and Android platforms. It brings the brazen, warlike aggression of Scottish barbarians to the simple and addictive mechanics of casual mobile gaming. If you want to build, expand and ensure your camp is the toughest to break through, you don’t need to spend hours on end gathering game items and resources to do so. You can simply apply some simple Clash of Clans cheats, tips and hacks to get ahead. Here are a few basic Clash of Clans cheats and tips you can use to ensure you're always climbing the leaderboards!

Defending your base

One of the most basic Clash of Clans cheats and tips you should know is how to defend your base. Once you start the game, you will have access to wooden walls to protect your base. The walls are not secure againsthigh-level barbarian attacks because they come at a very low level one.

Bolster your base against marauding barbarians by purchasing all the available walls within your level. Try to upgrade these walls to at least level three as fast as possible. Once you have a bunch of walls at level three or more, place them all around your base. They will be your strongest defense in the event of an attack.

Farming with goblins

Clash of Clans match-making system uses the player’s number of trophies to assign them an enemy. If you are still low level, you won’t have many trophies. Lower your trophies to under 200 to take advantage of this match-making system 'glitch' and get easy opponents.

Simply find a match, press and hold the ‘next’ button and drop 1 goblin. Release the ‘next’ button immediately after deploying. Farm with goblins when your trophies are low. The loot will be less, but you’ll use less troops as well.

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Saving your gems

Another of the simple Clash of Clans cheats and tips you should know is how to save your gems. Saving your gems translates to saving money for important purchases. Don’t waste your gems on just anything, including speeding up the process of training and building your camp. If you yield to the temptation to use your gems to speed up processes you will be left behind in the long run. You might even be forced to spend real money just to get back on track, which is what the game’s developers want.

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