Claims that internet book piracy will drive authors to stop writing

According to the Society of Authors, which represents over 8,500 authors in the UK, internet book piracy will drive authors to stop writing if they are not compensated for lost revenue. The London based organization is chaired by the author of the 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' Tracy Chevalier. Speaking about internet piracy to The Times Chevalier said that:

"It’s hitting hardest the writers who write books that you dip in and out of: poetry, cookbooks, travel guides, short stories – books where you don’t have to read the whole thing.

"Although people still buy [books by] Nigella and Jamie Oliver and Delia it is because of their celebrity. Cookbook authors are really struggling. I do it myself – if I want a recipe I go online and get it for free.

"For a while it will be great for readers because they will pay less and less but in the long run it’s going to ruin the information. People will stop writing."

Laugh out loud!! Really, that has to be one of the lamest arguments ever heard. It's all well and good for writers to be paid for their work, but to claim that "people will stop writing" due internet piracy and a subsequent loss of revenue is a load of poppycock.

Did James Joyce or Chekov stop writing because they lived in poverty? If anything it might provide a bit of quality control, as The Times claims that the two writers most affected by internet piracy are the impoverished Nobel prize winners Jamie Oliver and J. K. Rowling.

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