ChromeBook close-up

Earlier we told you that Google had made a video introducing the first 'Chromebook', the Samsung-made laptop that'll be released in June running Google's crazy browser-based Chrome OS.

Now more details have been announced - and it turns out the Samsung is one of just three new Chrome computers coming out. The Samsung is kinda the 'premium' laptop, with a 12' screen and an impressive 8.5-hr battery life. It'll sell for $429 in the US, which we fear will translate to £399 in the UK. The cheaper alternative, from Acer, will be £349 and offers an 11' screen and 6.5hrs battery life.

Those lucky sods who have physically manhandled the Samsung say it's pretty nice. 'Frankly, we’re stoked on this thing,' report Wired magazine. 'As soon as we got our hands on it, we immediately felt the quality that went into making the device. With solid construction and a sturdy build, the Series 5 isn’t janky like most netbooks in the $400 price range.'

But that's not all, hardware-wise. As well as the two laptops, Google announced a Samsung 'Chromebox', a Mac Mini-style small desktop computer that we can see powering a living-room PC or in a kid's bedroom.

But it's not the hardware as much as the way you buy Chrome OS devices that could be revolutionary. If you buy them in shops, you'll get two years' free 3G data, which is basically brilliant. But if you prefer, education establishments and businesses can rent Chrome OS laptops for as little as $20 a month. The dream of a laptop for every child? This might be the cheapest and simplest way to make it come true.

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