Chrome web store a flop?

Some revolutions arrive with a bang. Some arrive quietly. And some make a lot of noise, but don't really turn out to be revolutions at all.

It's starting to look as if Chrome OS might be the latter. Google previewed their new operating system - which consists entirely of their Chrome browser - in an event in December to general bafflement. And now it seems the Chrome Web Store, a key part of Google's strategy for the OS, seems to be a major damp squib.

The Chrome Web Store lets people get apps for Chrome, just like you do for an iPad. It'll be essential when Chrome-only computers come out, but it's open now for people using Chrome on normal Windows PCs and Macs. But it's not proving popular.

Apparently the most popular paid app, is downloaded around 65 times a week. That's right, not 65,000 - just 65.

Now, in fairness, the free apps are selling slightly better. The best-selling free app is apparently getting 8,000 installs a week. Still, this doesn't look like the world is exactly setting the world alight. Is Google waiting for Chrome OS to properly promote the Web Store? Or is it simply unable to pique people's interest?

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