Where to find Christmas tree lights replacement bulbs

It has happened to us all. You've pulled the Christmas decorations down from the attic. You've preened, fluffed and arranged a place for them. You've hauled the tree into the perfect position. The room lights are dimmed and the plug is pushed in, and... nothing. You realise that a bulb is gone but where oh where did you put the replacement bulbs that came with the pack? Those bulbs may have been lost years ago. So do you find replacement bulbs or shell out for some brand new lights?

Many people simply throw the lights out, but in this day and age when money is tight, a more thrifty approach may be advisable. You can buy Christmas tree lights replacement bulbs on the internet for very reasonable sums rather that replacing entire sets of what could be expensive lights.

Our first port of call for Christmas tree light related matters is Bettys Christmas House. With their extensive stock of replacement bulbs to suit dozens of bulb types, they are quite simply the best around. Stocking both Perm-O-Snap and Bethlehem type bulbs in numerous colours and voltages, they offer almost every bulb that has been shipped with a Christmas tree light and at prices that represent amazing value.

They even stock the LightKeeper Pro, a gun like device that fixes mini light bulb filaments so that single broken bulbs in non-replaceable arrangements do not stop the rest of the lights in the circuit working.

Best of luck unpacking the decorations and Merry Christmas to you.

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