Christmas Ruined

What with all the fuss right now about Android tablets, it's easy to forget Google is actually the developer of two operating systems. Remember Chrome OS? Back in 2009, before everyone's heads were turned by the iPad, it was Chrome-powered netbooks that were supposed to transform the PC market.

Well, it's taken a while, but Chrome OS - a hole operating system based around Google's Chrome browser, with the emphasis on cloud-storage services - is just around the corner. Or at least, that's what we thought. Google had said they expected manufacturing partners to be releasing Chrome OS netbooks before the end of 2010.

Now, though, it looks like that target has slipped. Acer told Engadget at their launch event earlier this week that their Chrome OS products would come out around the time of the OS' 'consumer launch'... in 2011.

Boo! But there is some good news, sort of. It looks like there will be one Chrome OS laptop manufactured in 2010, and it'll be Google-branded, a little like the Nexus One phone (and successor the Nexus S). However, it's expected to be just for developers, Google staff, and other 'friends and family' so they can get their heads round the device (which is really all the Nexus One was intended for, before the press started bleating on about 'The Googlephone').

Rumours that Google's rules require Chrome OS laptops to be made out of actual Chrome are so far unconfirmed.

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