Christmas 2013: top tech gift ideas selected for you by Excite UK

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Playstation 4

PS4 has been declared one of the must-have presents this Christmas due to its value for money: not only it comes at a low price (about £ 350) but it also boasts an extremely large game catalogue, which includes Assassin´s Creed Black Flag, Watch Dogs, Drive Club and other popular games. With the improvements implemented, the new PS4 is now more powerful and social: you can record your gameplays and show them to your friends. Its only downside is that GTA V, arguably the best game of this decade, is not available on this new console.

Philips Hue

These groundbreaking light-bulbs that communicate with your iPhone are truly amazing as they can help setting a particular mood depending on which room we are in. With Philips Hue we can create different lighting effects in the same space, decide which colour better suits the situation by choosing a specific nuance on the palette and also synchronize the light to the rhythm of the music we’re playing. The app that comes with the lightbulbs is really easy to use and features some interesting presets such as zen, sunset, beach and energy boosting.

Big Jambox Jawbone

This bluetooth speaker connects with your smartphone allowing you to listen to your favourite tunes in perfect authonomy while on the move. You can carry this speaker anywhere in the house or in your car without additional connections, choosing either your smartphone or your computer as a source.

Custom-fitted laptop sleeve from Etsy

The gorgeous custom-made laptop sleeve from Etsy is the perfect present for anyone who consider themselves as a bit of a geek. This lovely handmade gadget fits any laptop sized from 11 to 17 inches and with the wide range of patterns available you surely will find the one that best suits your personality. And for all lovers of handmade stuff and sneaky products: Etsy gift cards are now available too!

3M Peltor Kids Ear Muffs

Struggling to find the perfect gift for a family with young kids? Look no further. 3M Peltor Kids Ear Muffs are the ideal present for those parents who like socialising but are afraid that loud music is going to negatively affect their children’s hearing. Suitable for a noisy New Year’s Eve house party as well as a summery outdoor festival, these ear protectors will allow kids to enjoy a bit of fun in the company of their parents without compromising their health. 3M Peltor Kids Ear Muffs come in different colours and can be purchased online for about £15.

Moto G by Motorola

Providing consumers with a smartphone featuring the best possible configuration at a very competitive price is every producer’s dream. Many are trying to accomplish the perfect balance however only a few actually managed to couple these two characteristics. Motorola seems to have achieved this result with its new Moto G phone: the device is equipped with a 400 Snapdragon CPU quad-core 1,2 GHz, 1 GB RAM and a 4,5 inches screen, it’s sold at an average price of £190 and includes the possibility to use a dual chip. Another characteristic that differentiates this product from the competitors’ ones is that covers are interchangeable. That’s right, when you buy the Moto G 16GB version, you also receive for free a kit with 4 different covers to choose from - a feature that is not offered by any other producer in the market.

iPad Mini

One of iPad Mini’s best features is its usability: the 7'9 inches screen is perfect to surf on Internet, watch videos or read a book at home or when you are travelling. A powerful device with special emphasis on the details, especially those allowing its retina display, iPad Mini has everything you need. A wide range of applications and its versatility make this multitasking device the perfect present for this 2013 Christmas.

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E-reader Accessories

With the declining number of printed books, more and more people are making the switch towards an e-reader. That’s why e-reader accessories make a perfect gift for this Christmas 2013. Bookstores and electronics dealers usually sell a good range of e-reader covers ranging from those that feature reading lights to the nifty flip ones that can make your e-reader stand up. Other handy e-reader accessories include screen protectors, USB chargers and car-chargers for people who are don’t have regular access to their computer.

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