Chopped 'Berry

This is sad news. Reearch in Motion, the company behind the iconic BlackBerry smartphone range, has been losing market share for a while in the face of strong competition from Apple's iPhone and Google's Android phones. And the launch this Spring of the Playbook, the company's attempted iPad rival, was a bit of a damp squib. So it's probably inevitable that the company's announced that 2000 jobs are to go, starting this week. That's a little more than the 1700 predicted earlier this year.

RIM isn't exactly fading away - the cuts will take its staff levels down to 17,000, which is still a lot. And with seven new BlackBerry handsets due out this year, they're certainly working feverishly to catch up with the market. But doubts remain about their management, after an 'open memo' allegedly from a senior executive last month accused the company of having lost direction.

Still, the company is engaging in a bit of streamlining, opting not to replace Chief Operating Officer Don Morrison, who's retiring. As This Is My Next explains, 'He won’t be directly replaced: in addition to (in)famously having two CEOs, RIM actually had three COOs, so Morrison’s role will be split up between Product and Sales COO Thorstein Heins and Operations COO Jim Rowan. (Yes, that’s Chief Operating Officer in charge of Operations Jim Rowan.)'

Two CEOs and two COOs still looks like one two many of each to a lot of observers. We're not too bothered, as long as no-one else has to lose their jobs - and as long as the new BlackBerries are awesome, of course.

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