Chocolate biscuit sightings uncovered

If you ask anyone why the internet is so important, no doubt you will receive a multitude of responses, ranging from "better communication" and "more information" to "easier to do stuff like banking". But, one response you may be rightly surprised to hear would no doubt be "the internet, ah yes, that amazing phenomenon that helps me swot up on snacks." Well, escalating fast up blog popularity charts is Snackspot. The blog's purpose? To inform the world about national and international snack sightings.

From breakfast cereals and soft drinks to crisps and biscuits, the "Confirmed Sightings" will keep you up to date with the latest snacking news, while the comments will amuse with informative snack-related discussion.

WebTwitcher is personally partial to the odd jammy dodger, although the recent spotting of Maryland Cookies' new Fudge Brownie flavour could prove to be my sweet downfall. Top marks to Ben and Jerry's ice cream for jumping on the summer festival bandwagon with their new Glastonberry flavour. Did anyone mention to them however, that this is the year the farm has off from the festival, so timing-wise they're a little out.


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