Chinese ban

China has ordered that all PCs made in the future have to have blocking software pre-installed onto them that will tighten the government's grip on the internet.

Ostensibly being touted as means of making sure young lads don't happen to accidentally look for filthy disgusting porn that will corrupt their minds and end civilisation, it will almost certainly have political implications, what with China's less than spotless record when it comes to freedom of information.

The government already blocks websites it deems bad, such as anything at all to do with Tibetan freedom, with filters and keyword restrictions amusingly named The Great Firewall. But this is a whole new level of outright information repression that will surely result in nothing but tutting and disapproval. The software will be installed onto the hard drive of any computer manufactured after 1 July.

Apparently this is to 'construct a green, healthy and harmonious internet environment, and prevent harmful information on the internet from influencing and poisoning young people.' Hmmm.

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