China doesn't like those (fake) Apples

We shouldn't love makers of fake tech, but we have to admire their sheer chutzpah sometimes. And no tech company gets faked as much as Apple.

But this is a bit much. Some cheeky monkeys in China have made not fake iPhones and iPads, but an entire fake Apple Store.

In fairness, the store in Kumning seems to be selling actual Apple goods. But everything else is fake: fake blue staff t-shirts, fake genius bar, fake everything.

The store's owners say they're just trying to sell all the Apple goods they can, and they want to become an authorised Apple reseller. But Apple are, unsurprisingly, having none of it. No doubt after some nagging from Cupertino, the Chinese authorities are now investigating the shop.

This is no doubt a pain in the neck for Apple's lawyers, but it seems like a nice problem to have. We bet no-one ever rips off a Microsoft Store.

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