Tee hee - we love it when tech companies engage in a bit of competitor-baiting. As keen Digitaledge readers will know, recently Apple brought out a new version of its popular video editing suite Final Cut Pro. But in their eagerness to make it more accessible to low-end users, they missed out a few features needed by professionals - most irritatingly, the ability to import the project files of the old version.

The result? Lots of grumbling, mockery on TV, and even refunds for the most disgruntled (or loudest-complaining) customers. But now a rival, Adobe, has cheekily responded to the fuss.

They've offered Final Cut Pro users a 'switching program' to help them move to Adobe's video programs, Production Premium and Premiere Pro - involving 50% off.

Adobe has reason to want to needle Apple, of course. The two companies have had a high-profile falling-out after Steve Jobs decided not to allow Adobe's Flash plugin for web video on the iPad and iPhone - and published a high-profile essay criticising Flash as his justification.

No word from Apple yet on whether they're going to reduce the price of Final Cut Pro, or do anything else in response. This sort of thing might be a bit immature, but it's great for consumers, so long may they bicker, we say.

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