Check out these very cheap laptops for Christmas

Are you looking to pick up a brilliant laptop for someone dear to you this Christmas? Getting a laptop for Christmas is a brilliant gift as it's the present that keeps on giving! If you're looking for a suggestion for a very cheap laptop for Christmas, then you've come to the right place as we've found a brilliant laptop that ticks all the boxes.

The site we used to find the laptop was Pixmania.co.uk. This site is brilliant for buying laptops thanks to their low prices and speedy delivery times. They also run regular offers for customers and sales, so finding a cheap laptop on there isn't difficult. The laptop we're suggesting for the perfect Christmas gift is the HP G56-113SA 15.6" Laptop. So let's take a look at what's under the hood.

This laptop is capable of running almost anything you'd throw at it. It has an Intel Celeron Processor T3500, with 4 GB of DDR Ram and an Intel Graphics Card. The Screen size is a respectable 15.6", and it comes bundled with a 250 GB SATA Hard Drive. It features Windows 7 Home Premium, which is the best operating system out there at the moment for laptops.

Despite all of these excellent features, the good news is that this laptop won't break the bank - it costs only £279 including VAT, and the shipping charges are low too, costing only £6.90. This laptop is a serious bargain, so pick it up for someone you love this Christmas!

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