Check out the Avatar Machine

Do feel no fear when you're fragging online only to turn into a coward as soon as you log out? Well then you might want to check out the Avatar Machine.

It's one of the craziest ideas we've seen at DigitalEdge towers for quite a while. The Avatar Machine is a head mounted device that recreates the experience of third-person gaming but in a real world environment.

By sticking on the headset, suit and VR goggles the user is able to view themselves as a virtual character even though they are moving around in the real world. It was designed and created by London design whiz Marc Owens.

The idea is to give the user the impression of a diminished sense of social responsibility created in the world of online gaming and see if wearing the Avatar Machine alters their behaviour in the real world.

While that all sounds a bit serious, check out the video below which shows that above all, the Avatar Machine looks like a load of fun.

Check out the Avatar Machine in action

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