Cheats never prosper

We were bigging up Crysis 2 before last Friday’s release, but since it shelves it’s been bugged with problems, especially in the multiplayer, where the nasty cheaters out there have been ruining the game for everyone else.

However developer Crytek said today that it’s looking to permanently ban players who are exploiting glitches in the game, the worst of which being the ability to use auto-aim to easily wipe out competitors. It is also going to release a string of updates over the next week to fix any issues that have come up since release.

‘We do take cheating very seriously here at Crytek,’ the developer said. ‘We are currently taking steps to permanently remove exploits from Crysis 2 and to penalize those individuals that choose to utilize them.’

‘We thank you for your patience and want to ensure you that we will continue to work hard to keep the integrity of Crysis 2 intact and cheat-free.’

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