Cheats for Saints Row 3: passwords, hints and tips

There are lots of cheats for Saints Row 3, most of which are accessed through the "Extras" menu on the phone. They'll give you more gang notoriety, additional cash, more weapons and the ability to change all pedestrians into zombies if you want. We list the top cheats that will help you get more out of Saints Row: The Third.


Each of the following passwords is accessed through the “Extras” menu on the phone. You can deactivate them at will, so why not have a go at some of the more extreme cheats for Saints Row 3 like “Vehicle Smash” where your vehicles crushes all others on the road.

  • Add Gang Notoriety - lolz
  • Add Police Notoriety - pissoffpigs
  • Pedestrians - dui
  • Give 45 Sheperd - givesheperd
  • Give Apoca-Fists - giveapoca
  • Give AR 55 - givear55
  • Give AS3 Ultimax - giveultimax
  • Give Baseball Bat - givebaseball
  • Give Cash ($100,000) - cheese
  • Give Chainsaw - givechainsaw
  • Give Cyber Blaster - givecybersmg
  • Give Cyber Buster - givecyber
  • Give D4TH Blossom - giveblossom
  • Give Electric Grenade - giveelectric
  • Give Flamethrower - giveflamethrower
  • Give Flashbang - giveflashbang
  • Give GL G20 - givelauncher
  • Give Grave Digger - givedigger
  • Give Grenade - givegrenade
  • Give K-8 Krukov - givekrukovGive KA-1
  • Give Shock Hammer - giverocket
  • No Cop Notoriety - goodygoody
  • No Gang Notoriety - oopsOvercast
  • Spawns Woodpecker - givewoodpeckerVehicles
  • No Damage - vroom
  • Vehicles Smash - isquishyouWeapons
  • Zombies - letsrockZombies

Customise your vehicles

You can customise all of your rides with the following cheat, even those that aren’t customisable. Take your vehicle into Rim Jobs and then press Y. Go into “Garage” on the menu and highlight any non-customisable vehicle. Don’t press the button to retrieve it though. Now press B to back up and select “Accept” to confirm your exit. You’ll then find yourself in the customising menu.

Final word

As the game's been around since 2011, there are lots of cheats for Saints Row 3 on the net. Whether you want easy money or to access hidden dialogue you can do so with the help of cheat codes that really help you get the most out of this expansive open world action adventure game.

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