We check out where you can find the cheapest Wii console bundles

With speculation mounting that an announcement about Nintendo's brand new console, currently code named Project Cafe, will be made at June's E3 conference in Los Angeles it many people are now asking when the time will come for them to pick up the cheapest Wii console bundles.

Despite the fact that the new system has not been officially confirmed, and that the release is likely to be in 2012 rather than this Christmas as was originally thought, prices of the Nintendo Wii have started to creep gradually downwards.

Nintendo have announced that there will be a full price cut on the system across the board, with the new RRP of £129.99 being implemented from May 20th.

Currently, the system retails for £179.99 with Wii Sports Resort, however this new deal will see Mario Kart Wii being the main bundled package. Existing Wii Sports Resort packages will be reduced to reflect the new price.

As it stands, only Amazon have changed their list price to £129.99, with their system coming as standard with Wii Sports Resort and Wii Motion Plus, as well as an additional game or controller for just £15 more.

The best price for a Mario Kart Wii bundle in the high street can be found at Dixons, who are coupling Mario Kart with the Regular Wii Sports Resort package for a reasonable £159.98.

High street giant Game have a number of £179.99 offers which include Wii Sports Resort, Wii Motion Plus and one title from Toy Story 3, Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time, Epic Mickey, Sonic Colours and Just Dance 2. In addition to this, they also offer a pack with Sega All Stars Racing and Cooking Mama for £184.99, and one with Donkey Kong Country Returns for £194.99.

It's worth holding onto your money for at least a couple more weeks though, as these prices are likely to see a reduction of around £50 once the official system price drop comes into effect.

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