We seach for the cheapest PS3 Slim console online

Since its launch on the 17 of March 2007, Sony's PlayStation 3 console has gone on to sell an impressive 50,000,000 units worldwide (correct as of March 2011), placing it almost neck and neck with Microsoft's Xbox 360 console - not a bad feat for a console that has traditionally had a far higher introductory price point than either of its main rivals.

Despite the recent controversy of the much publicised hack of the PlayStation Network, Sony's online retail store and gaming network, where thousands of credit card details were suspected to have been stolen in a well orchestrated attack on Sony's servers, public confidence in the machine remains high.

The system originally retailed at £425, a huge price tag for a new console, but the recent redesign of the console into a much more slimline device, featuring improved hardware components which make the system much more reliable, has seen the price drop to a much more affordable level for many.

With competition so fierce in the online retail space, many resellers have built their own bundles in order to entice customers to spend their money with them. This is where the cheapest PS3 Slim console bundles can be found, offering the biggest savings.

Unsurprisingly, the best offer we have found comes from online superstore Amazon, who offer the 320 GB PS3 Slim console with the PlayStation Move controller, Killzone 3 or LittleBigPlanet 2, plus one selected game or a BlueTooth headset for just £280.00.

If you're just interested in buying the Slim console itself, you can pick it up for a very reasonable £199.99, again from www.amazon.co.uk, with the option available to buy a select game for an additional £15.

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