A savvy shoppers guide to finding the cheapest PS3 consoles around!

When the PS3 came out way back in November 2006, Sony decided to release what was one of the most powerful, fully featured consoles ever to be seen on the retail market - with a price to match. This high price point persists to this day, so finding out which retailer sells the cheapest PS3 consoles is vital, if you don't want to re-mortgage your house in order to afford the powerhouse of the seventh generation of consoles.

An important thing to remember when looking for the cheapest PS3 consoles is that internet retailers are the king! Nearly all of them will offer significant savings over the high-street retailers. The big granddaddy of internet retailers, Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) should be your first port of call if you're looking to find the cheapest PS3 consoles. Right now Amazon is offering PS3 consoles for £235, which will save you £30 over the high-street retailers!

There's also several online retailers around that specialize in getting you the very best deal on the cheapest PS3 consoles. For example on Gamestation (http://www.gamestation.co.uk/gs/hardware/playstation-3/) a 160gb PS3 will only set you back £200, and that's with free delivery to boot!

If buying online doesn't float your boat, there's a very clever, if unorthodox method of getting yourself the cheapest PS3 consoles around: Buy a phone! Carphone Warehouse have a long running promotion whereby bill pay customers who buy themselves a certain phone get a free PS3 console into the bargain. Check out the page "http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/pay-monthly/deal-finder?dealType=MONTHLY&gift=SONY_PS3_SLIM" where for as little as £26 a month you can get yourself a stylish Tocco Lite and get a PS3 console for absolutely nothing!

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