Finding the cheapest printer ink

Although printer ink can be quite costly, there are a couple of ways to cut the costs down to a more affordable level. One method is to buy none-branded ink, as this is almost always significantly cheaper than buying the official brand ink for your printer. The other method is to buy from one of the various discount ink websites that can be found online.

Cartridgepeople.com is one such site, as it sells ink for most printers and has special offers available for many things. Sometimes these are bulk buy discounts, in other cases they're just low prices, but one way or another they have some of the cheapest printer ink cartridges that you're likely to find. The cartridges they sell are a mix of brand name and generic, but it is always made clear exactly what is being sold, as there is a full product description and image for each type of cartridge.

Cartridgeshop.co.uk is very similar, with a large range of printer inks and regular sales. They also offer free first class delivery on all orders.

Printerinks.com specialises in bulk orders, offering huge discounts if you buy a large amount of ink, in some cases saving you up to 86% versus buying the cartridges individually. The initial outlay can be quite expensive, but then you shouldn't need to buy any more ink for a long time, so in the long run they can save you a lot of money. They also provide free UK delivery on all orders.

There are of course other places that also sell cheap printer ink, but none of them are likely to be any cheaper or offer any better a selection than these three.

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